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    Diversity Accelerator Programs

    Addressing the Gender Gap
    Women represent 50% of the global population which unfortunately doesn’t mirror business realities. Globally, there are only 24 women CEOs leading the Fortune 500 companies. This equates to 5% and is nearly not enough to have any influence on the way businesses will grow and transform for the future. If we are to create better businesses for a better world, we must help more women find a voice in their organisations by developing leaders for tomorrow.

    We are all responsible to drive actionable change to remediate this gender imbalance. As part of our commitment to deliver this, our team at EARTH 51 specialises in developing tailored diversity programs to help women grow into leadership roles. We provide a framework to develop strategic thought which helps translate visionary goals into ground realities. If you would like to learn more about our program or believe this could help your organisation, pls reach out to us at hello@earth51.com citing “Diversity Programs”.

    Speakership Requests

    At EARTH 51, we frequently work with industry & academia to share our learnings and insights. Given our experience across a wide spectrum of organisations, regions and industries, we have a unique perceptive on the impact that private sector has on delivering sustainable progress. If you have a specific request for any such insights surrounding sustainability, future trends, and the adoption of social progress in industry, please do reach out to us.

    Student Enquiries

    Given the recent pandemic and the crisis our world faces today, these are uncertain times. As a student, this is as difficult a moment as any. To ensure we maintain continuity of skills in the business landscape, we have put together short-term projects that would provide experience as well as keep you in sync with digital skills.

    If you are a student and interested in working on a project basis, or perhaps are looking to expand your experience in the field of sustainability, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can either fill in the form above or send an email to hello@earth51.com